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Our live broadcast is designed to highlight todays trending topics dealing with community leaders, entrepreneurs, nonprofits, business professionals, health, education, and positive content to enhance your way of life.
Watch What’s Happening Now Live on Wednesday Nights 6:30 CT on the following social media platforms:
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What legacy do you want to leave behind? What does your organization do that you want others to know about?
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Broadcast Advertising

Radio comercials only air for one week, depending on the package you buy. This type of marketing and advertising will cost a small business into the thousands, money they don’t have in their budget. Our broadcast will air constantly on five social media platforms, allowing viewers to see and hear your ads whenever or wherever they want. Not just for that week on one radio station. This will also enable you to share and post as you wish. Your ad logo and or name will be mentioned three times through out the broadcast. It will also be listed as the sponsor in the description block. Now let’s talk about the significant return. Because CNI SOLUTIONS is a 501C(3) nonprofit organization, we can provide you with a TAX DEDUCTIBLE donation receipt for your contribution to your sponsorship. Now that’s money back in your pocket.

Bronze Package

$125 -Donation you will receive 1 date of a Live Broadcast ad campaign
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Silver Package

$150 -Donation you will receive 2 dates of a Live Broadcast ad campaign
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Gold Package

$175- Donation you will receive 3 dates of a Live Broadcast ad campaign
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Platinum Package

$250- Donation you will receive 4 dates of a Live Broadcast ad campaign
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To sign up for Broad Cast Donations:

1. Click the Donate button
2. Select one-time donation or monthly donation
3. Other donation amount.
4. Click Add Message: Write (Your email and WHN donation ad campaign)
5. You will be contacted for your company logo/name or the person sponsoring.
6. You will be notified by email which broadcast(s) date will be airing your campaign.

CNI SOLUTIONS reserves the right to refuse service to any individual or entity at its sole discretion. This refusal may occur without explanation or prior notice. We maintain the right to decline service if we believe it violates any applicable laws, regulations, or ethical standards. Additionally, we reserve the right to refuse service based on factors such as but not limited to: inappropriate behavior, harassment, verbal or physical abuse, discrimination, non-compliance with our terms and conditions, or any other actions that we deem inappropriate or detrimental to our employees, customers, or business operations. All donations are nonrefundable. By using our services, you acknowledge and agree to abide by this disclaimer."

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