Get the answers to some of our most frequently asked questions.

Lift Program

Will there be food or drinks at the center.
Yes, there will be light snacks during each educational session.

How often are the literacy classes held?
This is a fluent program. Meaning as the need arise, we educate accordingly.

Do you have any fun activities, like games and sports?
No, we focus only on educating Teens.

What else can I do in your education center?
The education center is a learning platform. We teach Entrepreneurship, Job interview skills, Resume Building, Mentoring, Peer to Peer Coaching, and community outreach support.

How long is the Lift Program?
This a two-session workshop designed to give the fundamentals in financial literacy.

Can I learn how to start and operate my own business?
Yes, if you come to us with a business idea that is sound, and you are ready we will work with you in getting it started.

Can you help me get a job when I turn 16?
CNI SOLUTIONS does not do job placement for teens; however, we do work with the Boys and Girls Club who does do this, and we can refer you to their Workforce Development Director

Do I need to be a Teenager to get financial literacy support?
NO, you only need to contact us and set up a meeting.

New Beginnings Program

Do you offer transportation to and from the meetings.
No, but we are on the Huntsville bus line.

Do you have other workshop beside the peer-to-peer group meetings.
Yes, we offer resume building, interviewing Skills, and financial literacy workshops.

Can I come to a meeting if I have not been incarcerated but just want to assist with the healing.
Yes, you only need to contact us so that we may know the services you are willing to help with.

Can you help with IDs
es, ANVO handles IDs

How often do you meet?
Twice a month. But will expand as the need requires it.

How long are the meetings.
Typically, last only 1 ½ depends on the topic and the message being shared.

Can this group get me a job?
No, we have other means within our ecosystem to help with that.

Do I have to be recently incarcerated to attend the Peer-to-peer group meetings?

Launch It Program

Why do I need a business plan?
Your business plan is your company resume. It will list your goals and objectives. Identifies your product/services, the market, the management team, where the business will operate, and your business experience.

what type of business should I start?
You are the only one who can make that decision. You must choose which works best with your business. Sole proprietorship, (LLC) Limited Liability Co., S Corporation, C Corporation and Partnership.

What are my first steps in starting my business?
Choose a name and location for your business, registering the business with the county and city if necessary.

Will the facilitators work with me if I am not understanding.
Yes, each facilitator will work with you to ensure you are understanding the curriculum.

How long before I have my business license?
That depends on you, when it was submitted, and the courthouse processing it. Typically, it's within 48 hours for the county and about 2 weeks for the city.

Does your program offer financing to start my business?
No, your commitment of personal funds is often first financing steps. This is an indicator of how serious you are about the business. This can include, 401K, Savings, Job income, home equity, assets, retirement accounts personal lines of credit. Then there is the SBA, Banks, Lending companies and investors.

Will you help me find what business to start?
No, this is something you must know ahead of time before starting your business.