A program formulated and designed to teach teens 13-19 through basic workshops on the following topics

Our program is literacy information for teens (LIFT) that provide them with the knowledge and skills they need to manage their personal finances effectively and make informed financial decisions. This education can help students develop a sense of financial responsibility and help them avoid common financial pitfalls, such as credit card debt and predatory lending practices. It can also help them understand the importance of setting goals, saving and investing for their future financial security.

In addition, financial literacy can help to reduce the wealth gap by giving students from LMI communities the tools they need to build a solid financial foundation. This education can provide them with the confidence and knowledge to pursue higher education or other opportunities that may be financially challenging, as well as the ability to manage their finances while doing so.

About Us

Educating entrepreneurs at every stage on starting, operating, managing, and running a successfull business that will create economical growth.


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