A program formulated and designed to teach teens 13-19 through basic workshops on the following topics

  • Financial literacy: Where they will understand the importance of credit and credit building. You will learn how to manage your money and build your credit history.
  • Interviewing skills: You will be showed how to properly give an interview and the importance of asking the right questions.
  • Resume Building: We will help you create a resume from all your volunteer work, support work you have done helping family, friends, church, and school.
  • Job Applications: We will show you how to properly fill out a job application and what are the correct words to use for general questioning.
  • Mentorship: You will have the guidance and assistance of staff members and community leaders who seek only to improve your readiness for the future.
  • Peer group: We will have an open discussion of everyday decision-making problems and work through them for the best resolve.
  • Skills Development: We work on sharpening your skills in keyboarding, customer service, using Microsoft tools such as Word, Powerpoint, Excel spreadsheets, and learning Adobe Pro.